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How Home Delivery Works

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Q and A:

Common questions...

  • Q: How do you ship frozen meats?
  • A: We use quality insulated boxes with cold packs and packing to ensure your order arrives cold and undamaged. See unboxing video!!

  • Q: Who delivers my order?
  • A: We ship through Fedex so they will deliver to your door.

  • Q: When should I expect to receive my order?
  • A: We ship on Thursdays so you can expect your order on Fridays usually delivered in the afternoon.

  • Q: Why does the amount charged to my card slightly different than my order amount?
  • A: We do not charge your card until we pack your order. We enter the exact weights of the cuts for sale per pound so you are charged for what you received.

  • Q: Is there an order minimum?
  • A: Yes, the order minimum is $75.

  • Q: Is their a shipping charge?
  • A: Yes, $8.99 per order up to $150. Above $150, FREE SHIPPING!!

Our goal is to bring you healthy meats and foods in a safe and sustainable manner. As you partner with us and as we grow, our goal is to use eco-friendly and bio-degradable packaging. We want to bring you the best with the best packaging possible.